Lyn Fairchild Hawks writes YA contemporary fiction and short stories. She is represented by Amy Tipton of Signature Literary Agency. Lyn is the author of the novel, How Wendy Redbird Dancing Survived the Dark Ages of Nought; co-author of the graphic novella, Minerdaand author of the short story collection, The Flat and Weightless Tang-Filled Future.  A lifelong educator, Lyn also designs differentiated lessons making Shakespeare accessible to students and edits the resource blog and free curriculum provided by Duke TIP, Teachers Workshop.

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  •   Editors look at my book and say nice things. They say lukewarm things, too. And they say no. The subbing process can be full of no's


Check out Teachers Workshop, a resource blog for educators of the gifted, led by Lyn.

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Lyn’s finished YA novel on submission is @NervesofSteel, and her WIP is No Small Thing.

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